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Lichtenberger Method

With the Lichtenberger method, there is no attempt to master or control the voice according to certain techniques. By stimulating body, senses, imagination and mind, we work on sound-oriented singing so that performance pressure disappears.
This results in better self-knowledge and contributes to the singer's personal and artistic development.

The Lichtenberg Institute was founded in 1982 by singer and singing teacher Gisela Rohmert and professor of ergonomics Dr Ing Walter Rohmert. The aim was to gain a better understanding from vocal and instumental research and use it in practice.

The exchange of knowledge between artists, educators and therapists in practice-based seminars is a special concern of the institute. In this way, new research findings can be turned into practical trials. This approach is designed to help remedy or, at best, prevent damage to the health of artists, especially singers.